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Reinventing the cable
Nomad takes the drag out of charging with Bayer materials.more »
A twist on medical instruments
Torque instruments rely on durability of polycarbonate.
more »
A tough and durable material
Polycarbonate protects electronics in rugged applications. more »

Breathe easy
Portable ventilation system benefits from polycarbonate. more »

Enhanced IV pole
Safepole uses Bayer materials to enhance health care setting.
more »
Modern upgrades to railcar seats
Mumbai railway upgrades its seating with Bayer polycarbonate.more »
Spotlight on lighting
Polycarbonate brightens the future of commercial lighting.
more »
Get on board with polycarbonate
Polycarbonates transport tram design into the future.more »
High level disinfection system
Stella high level disinfection system 
APEC®1745 offers proven performance more »

Travel more comfortably
Bayer polycarbonate makes luggage lighter and more secure. more »
Don’t cut corners on protection
Tough polycarbonate helps protect mobile devices more »
Rise & shine with polycarbonate
Polycarbonate from Bayer awakens the senses more »

Lightweight construction
Established process for new generation of printers more »
Lightweight polycarbonate glazing roof
Lightweight Polycarbonate Glazing Helps Extend Electrical Vehicle Range  more »
Makrolon® clear ponds installations 
Architectual design of an ocean front complex requires a clear barrier. more » 
Highly robust line 
LED luminaires for interior and exterior use  more » 
LED luminaires 
Extremely flat – LED luminaire in CD form more »
Quick Fix 
Bone fixation device uses Bayer plastic more »
InHouse Furniture 
Colorful polycarbonate creates chairs with style & strength.  more » 
Rubik Bar stool 
Use of polycarbonates and color technolgies for distinctive furniture design more »
welding goggles 
Maximum protection at work, at home, during sports and leisure activities. more »
Just what the doctor ordered 
Medical polycarbonate, coloring capabilities from Bayer more »

You can take it with you 
Auto-injector uses Bayer thermoplastics more »
Polycarbonates light the way
Transparent polycarbonate enables design freedom for LEDs more »
Smart TV
Bayer polycarbonate materials for TVs enhance your viewing experience more »
Stylish, bold iPhone 4 case 
“i”catching protective case relies on Bayer polycarbonate more »
Audi A7
Audi relies on mineral-reinforced thermoplastic for Audi A7 spoiler more »
Future Interior Concept
Auto interiors that are miles ahead of the competition more »
Ultra-thin Notebook
Ultra thin, ultra durable, ultra portable more »
Multifunctional trim strip
Auto interiors with a personal touch more »
iPad2 cover
Picking the right material was a snap thanks to Makrolon® 2207 polycarbonate more »
Urban Vehicle
Drive systems, car-sharing concepts and smart grid will play a major role in shaping more »
Mobile Medical Injection
Bayer medical polycarbonate: A prescription for the medical device industry more »

Lightweight Truck
Heavy-duty truck concept lightens load with polycarbonate more »
Makrolon® for MacBook covers 
Protective MacBook covers are the perfect fit more »

Charging Station
Advanced materials for the plug-in vehicle charging infrastructure. more »
Automotive polycarbonate composites
Polycarbonate composites naturally deliver light weight auto components more »

Street lamp
Lighting the way: Polycarbonate resins ad blends for lightning solutions. more »

Water Bottle
Quality by the bottle: Polycarbonate solution for reusable water bottle. more »
Firefighter helmet
Defeating the heat: Eye protection for firefighters in hot, smoky conditions. more »
panoramic roof of a car  
Panoramic roof benefits from polycarbonate glazing more »
humanoid robot  
Polycarbonate materials help bring robots to Life more »
Makrolon® lets light into the dark
4-layer Makrolon® multi wall sheets - Service Hangar Airport Frankfurt more »

Makrolon® roof 
Makrolon® solid sheets a part of Brazil’s football frenzy. more »
Makrolon® sheets solutions 
Application solution for glass window alternative. Solve glass breakage problems. more »

Protect the history with Makrolon®
Cultural society protects historic archives with Makrolon® more »

Makrolon® UV tinted sheet solution
Canada Place Olympics upgrades include Makrolon® UV in curved glazing for visitor comfort. more »
Makrolon® multi UV solutions for translucent cupolas
South seas climate in the airdings spa. more »
Makrolon® multi UV wall-sheet solutions for roofs & facedes
Modernization has a long-lasting impact. more »

Makrolon® sheet window application solution 
NY school windows protect against vandalism, theft and weather more »

Makrolon® Police Facility Windows solution 
Makrolon® sheet foils vandals attacks on police facility windows. more »
Polycarbonate Sheet Clear Views & Protection
The clear choice for forestry vehicles more »

Tailgate Concept Study  
Single-Part Tailgate with integrated backlight more »

Panoramic Tilt Roof  
Webasto Panorama tilt roof 
Open-Air feeling: large roof bezel uses polycarbonate more »

device for arthroscopy
Medical devices manufacture material solutions more »

infusion valve connector
Polycarbonate solutions for valve connectors more »
automated external defibrillator (AED)
Polycarbonate used in next-generation medical device more »

LED heat sink
Staying cool in a hot market: Thermally conductive polycarbonate grade more »
Getting Ready for the FIFA World Cup 2014 with Makrolon® multi UV 3/16-16 Sheets
"Arena das Dunas" in Brazil stands out for its unique geometry more »

Interior lobby for DIRECTV
Makrolon® Lumen XT enhances a lobby interior to create an iteractive video experiencemore »

Makrolon® helps maximize aesthetics 
Retractable panels in the California Academy of Science. more »
Makrolon® installed in Versatile Window™ systems 
To get increase energy efficiency,daylighting, and functionality more » 

Taking charge
ChargePoint uses flame-retardant, impact-resistant Bayer resin. more »
Bayer MaterialScience
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